Protection against dirty rear bumper

Sometimes the rear end of the car is damp and dirty. If you're dealing with the trunk, you'll easily get dirt on your scarf, coat, pants or tie.

On the other hand helps a bib, which is attached under the (usually existing) plastic cover of the car rear panel, if necessary, is folded outwards and can be stuck up in the "rest" with Velcro inside.

Get a piece of "oilcloth" or fabric-reinforced rubber film, Velcro and glue.

Now you should produce a paper model according to the following specifications: Width of the trunk rear wall (as far as it goes horizontally) and length of the track "upper trunk edge inside - over the edge - to the lower edge of the rear end".

Unscrew the plastic rail of the vehicle edge or release the clips CAREFULLY. Adapt the model to the conditions and cut openings in the right places. The finished part must then (Attention!) Lie with the inside up in the trunk, placed under the plastic rail and these are fixed again.

Right at the bottom edge - inside - are two Velcro pieces on it, and on the trunk rear wall in the direction of travel, the two counterparts.

So, now everything is ready: The bib is loosened in use of the Velcro points and folded over the edge to the outside. Its inside now lies against the bumper and may become dirty. If the flap is closed, you take the bib back in and climb it firmly, while he is double and it shows only the clean side to the outside, the trunk remains clean.

Universal Rear Bumper 3M Paint Protection Film Installation Video | March 2023