Pull arugula yourself - simple and profitable

Rocket is delicious, rich in vitamins and expensive! And not always fresh in the supermarket. You can quickly and easily pull some yourself.

Simply get seeds (for example, the sprout germ device is relatively cheap for the huge amount you get and 100% organic!).

Sowing in any suitable soil (garden soil, soil for herbs and vegetables, would not necessarily RECOMMEND flower or potting soil - who knows what's in there - I'd risk it myself ;-)).

Keep wet and after the shortest possible time (3-4 days, depending on the temperature), the small plantlets germinate. Depending on how fast you want to harvest, you sow (help, how do you write THAT?) Close - for early harvest - or less dense - if you want the plants to grow a little bit bigger.

In the garden you can even gain seeds yourself, if you want to bloom a few of the Rucolapflanzen and seed to attach! Is even hardy!

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