Quick help with sore throat / sore throat

Yesterday I had an aggressive neckache attack. That went from zero to a hundred! At first I felt dizzy, then my nose was dry, my head ache, fever, and then my neck began to scratch. Within half an hour, the scratching spread to the entire palate, crawled up the nose and began to wander towards the ears, I could barely swallow.

A friend has brought me colloidal silver, which has - for longer in the mouth and gargling - brought first relief. But only when I slowly chewed frozen sour cherries (sour cherries / morello cherries) and allowed the fruit acid to work in my mouth, did my swallowing difficulties and finally my sore throat settle down.

Today, a day later, no throat scratching, everything is gone. The fever has also fallen! I already knew that cherries reduce fever, but not that they can quickly and effectively eliminate sore throats, burning sensations and dysphagia! I highly recommend it to anyone who is affected!

Sore Throat | How To Get Rid Of A Sore Throat (2019) | May 2021