Recycling remains from plastic tubes

Remains in plastic tubes - cut and get out - use!

Plastic wrappers with personal care products are handy. But you never get to the last remainder. Slicing and scraping the leftovers is not difficult. For thrifty people a great thing.

Cream, lotion, makeup etc. are almost consumed. The container is shaken and tapped. But the rest is just stuck. So containers with leftovers come in bulk in the garbage. If you bring the leftovers out of the container, you save a little money with every action. In addition, fewer raw materials are consumed when the products are consumed to the last remnant.

How to do it

  1. First provide small, empty containers. You can buy them at the pharmacy. They are called? Kruke? and they come in different sizes. Important: they must have a large opening! Maybe you still find empty cream jars that you rinse well.
  2. Then carefully cut the (almost empty) plastic container with a sharp knife in the middle. Scrape out the leftovers with a small teaspoon and fill in the empty container. You can also use the (clean!) Finger for scraping.
  3. Remember: Stick labels with the name of the contents on the new containers. So you have everything in view and small supplies of toiletries, z. B. for the holidays.