Reduce dust in the apartment

And every day the marmot greets: No sooner has you dusted, the gray particles settle again everywhere. When cleaning in the household, dusting is a nuisance. Especially for allergy sufferers, a high amount of dust can become a torment. Dust always arises in every apartment. And when the dust is removed, it is whirled up and immediately sets off again.

There are several ways to remove the dust

  • The previously often used duster is hardly used today. A soft, slightly damp cotton cloth absorbs dust more reliably.
  • Disposable dusters are not environmentally friendly and should only be used in an emergency.
  • Microfibre cloths are not very suitable for dust removal because they can scratch the furniture surface.
  • Dusters are often used in places that are high z. B. in corners and cobwebs on ceilings.

At home, the living area is flooded with light, through large windows and an attached conservatory. That's nice in the living area, but you can see every speck of dust on the furniture and on the floor.

Since I have banned microfiber linens from our beds, there is much more dust in the bedroom. Our sleep quality has improved with duvets and cotton sheets. But daily sucking and dusting is often annoying.

Especially after taking off the sheets, weekly with me, the dust must be removed. I think everyone has to create the cleanliness they need to feel comfortable. There is also twice a day sucked and dusted.

A relief in the daily cleaning work, I found in the air purifier Soehnle.


The Soehnle Airfresh Clean Connect 500 runs several hours daily in the bedroom (and living room) and has significantly reduced the dust load. You can tell by the fact that less dust is deposited, especially under the bed.

At night I do not let the device run, although the sleep mode of the device does not disturb sleep. Also, the sleep mode turns off the light of the device. This is simply through the remote control with the app via Bluetooth. The operating time can either be set manually on the device or also via the app.

After the air filter had already been in use for several weeks, I have the air filter as explained in the instructions simply cleaned. I was surprised at the amount of accumulated dust in the air filter. But the cleaning went quickly: Remove the air filter and vacuum. That took only a few minutes.

Finally, I can say that the use of the Airfresh Clean Connect 500 is worthwhile for me and contributes to well-being.

Even in the living area, I noticed that less dust collects, especially on our parquet floor, which attracts the dust.

Supported by Soehnle and TheFruitAndFlowerBasket with a free Soehnle product.

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