Refresh plant container made of fiberglass-stone mixture

After only one year, our formerly gray large plant containers made of fiberglass-stone mixture looked extremely piebald. I did not like that anymore.

But I also do not like, if the container "painted" look like, I decided for table cloth. Since I saw the result, I'm a fan of table-cloth! It is easy to apply, is applied with the roller and dries quite fast. The result convinced me. It is available in matt or glossy, I chose our containers for matte.

For children, it is certainly fun to paint or label the painted with blackboard paint. The chalk lettering can be removed with water at any time. For me, a caption is not an option; I like the paint especially for this type of flowerpots or containers with blackboard but still better than with paint.

How we make our fiberglass pots | Spruce | December 2020