Refresh WPC boards and remove stains

I have been laying WPC boards on the balcony for 2 years now. Again and again it came to stains and until yesterday, the ground looked mean now shabby. Also, I have already spent 60 EUR for care products and cleaners, on the Internet, I found the note that you can not delete the WPC planks. Also, cleaning with a brush did not help, the floor was lighter, but the stains remained.

Yesterday I thought to myself, if everything is already stained, I can also do everything full oil spots. So I took normal sunflower oil from the kitchen and wiped in a place you can not see. What should I tell you, the section was again strong in color and error-free!

I smeared the whole balcony with normal sunflower oil and the floor is a dream. Although you have to remove the residual oil the next day, I put an old towel and slid off the floor, but the success is so far terrific!

So 1,19 EUR instead of overpriced non-functioning funds!

How to Clean a Composite Deck | June 2020