Refreshing tarragon drink

I have here for you a great recipe for a tasty, alcohol-free drink with tarragon, which I used to enjoy a lot in Russia.

How healthy is tarragon?

Tarragon belongs to the daisy family and has an intense, spicy and bittersweet taste. The "little dragon" (its botanical name) is a true natural remedy. With its ingredients, the plant has helpful effects in digestive problems and stomach cramps. In addition, tarragon has of course a quite remarkable, diuretic effect and can be used for mild urinary tract complaints. The essential oils of tarragon play a major role in external application, as they have a pleasantly warming and circulation-promoting effect in this case. They stimulate the blood circulation!


The wild tarragon probably originated from the steppe areas of Mongolia and southern Russia. Only since the 13th century was the herb introduced in Europe. Tarragon is found mainly in France and here in Germany. Since the Russian tarragon has a lower proportion of essential oils, it tastes weaker and smells less than the other two varieties (French and German). The German or French tarragon tastes the most intense and exudes the most flavor.


  • Tarragon (fresh) 1 bunch
  • Lime 1
  • Apple syrup 20 ml
  • Mineral water (carbonated) 70 ml
  • Water ice (bumped) to taste


  1. Cut an unpeeled lime into 3-4 pieces. Please remember to wash the lime beforehand if you want to use the shell!
  2. Then place the lime pieces together with a washed bunch of fresh tarragon in a glass with a thick bottom and crush with a wooden spatula.
  3. Add crushed ice to taste.
  4. Then add 20 ml of apple syrup.
  5. Finally, add 70 ml of carbonated mineral water.
  6. Stir the whole thing with a cocktail spoon and add some ice cream to your heart's content.

The refreshing drink is ready? try now!

Tarragon Soda | June 2021