Relaxation after the holiday - good planning

I write now a tip for the vacation trip, but I do not know where the "moms" sort my scribbles.

Almost everyone knows the situation after the return, unpack suitcases and travel bags, sort clothes, washing machine a couple of times ... at least the main responsible for the laundry care after the mammoth program already ready for recovery - some of us then also expected a leftover program on Workplace. In the apartment usually lies a gray haze.

A few planning steps to relax the situation.

  1. Prepare your meals for a few days before your holidays, prepare your favorite meals in large portions and put them into a cold sleep.
  2. Obtain beds before departure, then just cover well. For a simple old sheet enough. Squeeze the table and the seat set, cover it, and eat it too. It does not dust anything like that.
  3. Search the cabinet for items that have either been overlooked or that are otherwise ready to fire for a variety of reasons, e.g. Children are a bit short-they are for the holiday suitcase.
  4. Only once "for good" for everyone in the luggage, possibly even a 2nd Top, pay attention to ease of care. Avoid clothing purchases especially for the holidays.

At the resort you can always, if it does not matter in the "launching gear" follow his daily routine, pick up the good stuff for special occasions. Much can be, if you have really paid attention to ease, in the hotel room again. Dispose of the firearms gradually, depending on the duration of the holiday. - How to get back on the way home with light luggage, if you have not struck excessively in terms of holiday souvenirs. - In some holiday countries - often the difference to our culture of abundance is considerable - our stored things were gladly taken, after all, there were no rags.

I remember my mother, returning from camps or camps, carrying our duffle bags to the laundry room, then sorting them with sharp fingers, a washing tub, a hamper, a dustbin.

Back at home, the suitcase is quickly unpacked, but the biggest advantage is that the recovery does not flute again in "Nullkommanix" again.

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