Relief from hemorrhoids

Inflamed external hemorrhoids are very painful. It is the emergence of parts of the anal mucosa that dry out in the air, as irritated by sweat and mechanical interference.

This can be reliably counteracted by additionally using moist toilet paper after each bowel movement and then applying a suitable moisturizer abundantly. This is also recommended after every shower or bath. Additional washes are not recommended as they only dry out the area and cause irritation.

I have been using Yves Rocher's "BIOPTIMALE 24 H INTENSIVE MOISTURIZED MILK" for more than ten years and have been completely symptom free since then. Unfortunately, it is no longer produced, but the successor product "HAMAMELIS MOISTURIZING BODY MILK" from the same manufacturer has been serving the same purpose for half a year.

But attention: In case of very pronounced haemorrhoids, which are even very bleeding during bowel movements, it is essential to go to the doctor!

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