Relieve nighttime coughing in children

Nocturnal cough attacks are very stressful for children and the rest of the family. With a few tips, the cough is relieved at night.

Avoid dry heating air

Dry air is irritating. If it works, the heating will turn up only slightly or not at all. You can try with various things to humidify the air in the room. Damp towels on the heater or a bowl of water can help. Some also hang up the laundry in the nursery to dry or put a tub of water next to the bed and offer the dry heating air with it. A steam water with thyme can also be helpful. You make an infusion with thyme tea, place yourself with pot and lid near the cot and wagging the steam as in a sauna infusion towards the child. And, sure, do not leave your child unattended with the hot water.

Support mucous membranes with air

Have you ever seen your child on the balcony up and down at night to make the cough better? Then you know about the calming effect of fresh air. You can also stand by the open window when the little patient is wrapped up warm. And if nothing else helps, then nothing speaks against an exit with the stroller. Of course, your sleep is not served, but what a blessing when the coughing fit is over.

Rub feet with cold balm

In the case of cold balm, the essential oils contained are absorbed not only via the respiratory tract but also via the skin. I think it's great to rub your feet with cold balm and then put on warm socks. It actually helps. Some rub the sole of the foot, the others swear on the foot rest, so the back of the foot? or both. Cold Balm should not be used on children under the age of two, as essential oils can cause asphyxiation. There are manufacturers who recommend for their product use for infants from 6 months or even from one year, but then for example with the restriction that only the back is rubbed with it and not classic, the chest area.

Proper beds

Sleeping, coughing and getting air is one of those things. Breathing will be easier for your child when the head and upper body are a little higher. If your patient does not like this sleeping position, maybe you can make the whole thing a bit more comfortable with a few pillows.

Holding a pot of tea

Sure, you should drink a lot when coughing anyway. The night is not excluded, at the latest when the nocturnal coughing starts again. A jug of warm tea or water next to the bed, and again and again a few sips drunk or entered with the spoon soothe the respiratory tract.

Medicines for the night

Actually you should not treat cough with medication. Coughing is often seen as a disease, but basically it has a job. Namely, to cleanse our airways. However, as night sleep is also important, the doctor may have a cough suppressant that suppresses the cough or prescribes a cough remedy. I do not know about you, but my home remedies experience is better than all the medications.

Dealing with a Persistent Cough in Children | July 2020