Remove foxing with Javel water

We recently bought a used child buggy. Unfortunately, the seller has kept us secret that he is covered in foxing. The sale was on the Internet, exchange excluded. What can one do here, because foxing can damage the respiratory tract.

The only way to remove such foxing (which may have been longer in textiles) is Javel Wasser. This is a hypochlorite solution and is sold in drugstores (for example, the one beginning with D and ending M) under "Eau de Javel".

How do you do it?

  1. Unscrew stroller, put all pieces of cloth that fit in the washing machine into the washing machine.
  2. Put washing powder in the appropriate compartment.
  3. Mix 300 ml of Javel water with 900 ml of water (preferably in a plastic container that you can dispose of later, such as an empty detergent bottle).
  4. Add diluted Javel water directly to the drum.
  5. Set the washing machine at 30 degrees (60 degrees only if the fabric allows it), wash at 600 revolutions in the normal wash cycle.
  6. Possibly. then wash the laundry again with fragrant washing powder and or hygiene rinse to remove the smell of chlorine.
  7. Dry in the sun so that this large fabric does not form foxing again because it has dried too slowly. In addition, strong sunlight helps additionally to kill mold and remove foxing.
  8. The result: The foxing has disappeared to 95%. The fabric is hygienically clean and the stroller can be screwed together again and used without hesitation.
  9. Caution: Do not store the stroller in a damp cellar and put it to dry after a rain walk in a warm place, otherwise there are more mold spots
  10. PS: Parts that do not fit in the washing machine, you can, for. Soak in an old plastic wading pool with Javel water by hand wash. Please protect your hands well !! Javel water is corrosive!

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