Remove fruit stains from wood

Today I found a huge stain of strawberry juice on our unpainted wooden kitchen table. Since I did not want to grab directly to the grinder, I had first rummaged through some home remedies.

In the end, I went through my detergents and decided to try "Dr. Beckmann's stain remover" for fruit stains. And behold, after two short treatments, this bright red spot is almost invisible!

After the first "round," the strawberry-red spot turned dark red, like a day-old red wine stain. Please do not worry about it, it will get brighter and better with every treatment.

So try it with many short passes rather than a long one, because at the end of the day this is still bleach.

I wish you good luck and good luck!

How To Remove Black Stains From Oak Worktops | January 2020