Remove marker stains from clothing

Marker stains, can be easily removed from a piece of clothing.

Sometimes it happens that you get lost with a marker pen (for example, Edding) on ​​garments. Depending on the occupational group, one often has to deal with such marker pens - and scribbles off now and then. These often black waterproof pens are quite unimpressed by normal laundry.

You can remove these blobs and lines in garments but with hair spray!

The following procedure has proven itself (several times): As soon as possible after the contamination has been detected, spray the area in the garment from a short distance (2-5 cm) with a normal hair spray until the spray as a liquid wets the whole area of ​​the dirt. Do not be frugal here - a great shirt will cost a hundred times a can of hairspray!

Now let this place take effect - one minute is enough - and rub the stain lightly. Then wash with lukewarm water. Normally you can already see the enormous effect of actually known as cosmetics hair spray. If you still have significant traces after this step repeat this procedure (I had that first!).

For recommended washing in the normal washing program of the machine, spray the stain again dripping moist with hair spray and simply into the washing machine.

The stain is gone!

Confidently try this process on a cloth and not on your wedding shirt!
I had already won a bet there once ...

How to Remove Permanent Marker Stains From Clothes | December 2021