Remove nicotine / tar residues from surfaces

Nicotine residues that have been stuck for a long time are usually hard to remove, and worse, many things would be damaged by treatment with power and proper chemistry.

By pure coincidence, I came across the fact that "active" glass cleaner foam (eg from S * d * l * n, but not in liquid form) is capable of nicotine / tar residues on surfaces such as plastics, wood , Metal, ceramics etc ... to remove immediately.

The area is sprayed in and the residues begin to run after a few seconds and can then be easily wiped with any sponge or cloth.

Unfortunately, it works only on residues that adhere to surfaces. Of course, if nicotine / tar have settled in the material (eg wallpaper), it will not work anymore.


In this way I also clean sensitive parts like my entire TFT monitor (including the screen), which has not suffered any damage from the treatment to date. But I would recommend anyone to test the effect of the specific glass cleaner in a small place, after all, not only TFT monitors, but also glass cleaner are different ...

Cleaning Job- Nicotine Residue Removal | March 2021