Remove oil stains in curtains with hand washing paste

Today, the patio door has fallen through the passage and the curtain hung in it. The result was: Black oil stains from the patio door were the new curtain pattern ;-(

Oh, how can you get out of this? In desperation, we then tried oxi-action, stain-salt and the whole repertoire. Nothing helped. Then we saw a tube of Nigrin Handwaschpaste on the sink next to the washing machine. We simply rubbed in the stains in the curtain with the handwashing paste. When rubbing in, however, we already saw that the spots had already been solved by now. So we have the curtain still packed in the washing machine, to get out the hand washing paste again and lo and behold: afterwards the curtain was again bright white and all oil stains disappeared.

It should also be noted that both the curtain fabric, as well as the rusty striped pattern of the curtains was attacked in any way by the hand washing paste.

Remove stains with vinegar & baking soda | January 2020