Remove screws without a wrench

So you can remove screws without a wrench.

Since I recently wanted to remove a screw, but I remembered that I had borrowed my sister's wrench, I had to look for another solution.

I had once seen on TV, how to solve a nut without a key, and went to work. I picked out a larger screw and a matching nut, which I have, as shown in the picture, screwed in so far, that you could reach the stuck nut so well. Fortunately, the screw was not so tight and could be solved so easily.

The big screw replaces a wrench, so to speak, because you can turn it well with your hand. The nut on it practically holds tight with the edges on the other nut.

I found it a good quick fix for someone who does not have a wrench handy.

3 Ways To Take Off a Nut WITHOUT A Wrench! LIFE HACK! | June 2020