Remove several layers of varnish from wood

We are renovating an older house in which a beautifully turned wooden stair railing decorates the stairs to the 1st floor. In addition, it has beautiful carvings that we wanted to receive. Unfortunately, over the years has been improved several times with paint and now there are 5/6 layers of paint on it, we want to remove again.

So I got pickle from the hardware store, 2 bottles of 1 liter, together 16?. You paint the railing really thick. In addition, I still packed it with foil. That should strengthen the effect. I can tell you, I'll never do that again, the stuff really stinks of solvents, everyone, even in the next room, had to get away from the construction site. Headaches were a side effect.

After the exposure - the smell was not quite as intense - the result was a loosened top layer, sticky, everything had to be scraped off painstakingly.

The second application brought nothing. I've tried grinding afterwards - that's not the solution!

Then I got the tip "hot air blower": you get already for about 30?. It is best to get a surgical mask. I have the device set to 350 ° C and held from about 15 cm away on the paint, if the then gets small bubbles, you can easily remove it with a spatula.

The whole thing is also elaborate, and you should not blow dry too long in one place, so that the wood does not burn. A bit brown from the heat is fine, you get back with sandpaper.

If you have questions about it, then go!

How to Safely Strip Paint from Woodwork | Ask This Old House | January 2021