Remove ticks with a syringe

Especially now in summer in the most beautiful time of the year is unfortunately also tick time. If you have discovered a tick that has already drilled into your skin, you should act quickly and remove the tick to avoid dangerous infections.

There are many different methods to remove ticks from the skin, I remove the ticks with a conventional syringe.

The syringe, the best are the 5ml and 10 ml, cut off the front with a sharp knife. Lick the syringe (do not put the syringe on the spot with the tick!) And place it on the spot with the tick, pull the syringe open to create a negative pressure. Now you have to be patient, it takes about 5 minutes, then the tick comes on its own to the surface climbed. This condition does not like the ticks.

Due to the negative pressure, pathogens that may have already found their way into the body, can be sucked out with it. Of course only if they have not passed the bloodstream yet. Therefore the faster you discover the tick, the higher the chance of not getting infected. The pathogen, which is located in an infected tick in the intestinal tract, not necessarily immediately, but sometimes only during the Saugaktes after several hours transferred to the host.

Once you have understood the principle, you can also use a pen or small jam jar or a suction cup.

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