Remove yellow stains from mildew remover from white wooden panel

So after I could solve this topic only indirectly, I have now registered to maybe help someone else with the same problem - because for me the thing seemed pointless!

I had (as almost every time) around the sink in the bathroom mold on the silicone joint and used a commercial mold remover. Since I had done this in the past several times, only on other furniture and it worked smoothly, I did not go through the hazard warnings on the back of the mold remover, which was ultimately my mistake.

Because this time, the sink was embedded in a white wooden panel and it did not respond well to the mold remover. After letting it work for a while (probably too long), the plate has turned yellow all around the sink.

First, I tried the old home remedy vinegar, as it is very effective for many stains such as lime, rust, etc., I also tried citric acid (similar to vinegar). It got a bit loose but it was still pretty ugly yellow.

Now it came to the fact that it was not my bathroom and my WG colleague in 1 week back from the holiday comes back. So I had to somehow try to remove the stains, after the home remedies did not work, I went to the hardware store and got me several cleaners, including a chlorine-based because I thought so bleach the spots can. Well that did not work at all.

So I googled and came to this page where I've been browsing all sorts of stain-removal ideas, including the article on how to remove self-tanner with toothpaste - as the chlorine from the mold remover caused a similar effect on the wood panel. So what the hell, I'll give it a try ...

... and see it worked!

After 3 applications with my "Colgate Max White" with white microcrystals and a rough sponge, the stains were gone. I do not know what it's all about - maybe the scouring particles, but maybe also the sodium fluoride in the toothpaste.

So for all of you who have a similar problem with spots - try it! However, I would recommend to try it first at a less visible point, since you never know how the material responds.

And for those who have a mold problem and use mold removers - be sure to read the label and try the remover first in a less visible place!

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