Repair holes from removing labels from garments

My husband has a bad habit of always removing labels on his neck, which often scratch his neck, from T-shirts and pullovers before I can get hold of them and cut the seams with a knife and magnifying glass. It happens very often that holes are in it by careless cutting out even before the first wearing.

I have now purchased applications in the haberdashery (where there is fabric, wool, zippers, etc.) that you can either iron on or sew on. Currently, e.g. Emblems of football teams in, but I have also applied child motifs, name (Boss) lettering or pictures, even on a hole in a ski jacket. Cost from 50 cents.

So not only are the holes invisible, you can also personalize the garments in this way.

How to Repair Holes in Clothes Without Stitching, Using an Iron in 30 Seconds | March 2023