Rice in heartburn

In case of heartburn boil and consume rice (preferably Thaireis).

Only a very small amount is enough to get rid of the heartburn.

onkelwilli: In chemistry lessons, I learned that acid is neutralized by basic. So I always have a special gel for heartburn in the house (like maloxan). It is wrapped in sachets that can be easily emptied into the mouth (similar to those for mayonnaise or mustard). The gel sticks in the esophagus and can thus better develop its soothing effect.
If heartburn occurs more often, you should ask the doctor. There might be a so-called reflux. After too much Riesling, e.g. If one knows for oneself what it has meant, then one does not need a medical diagnosis.

Oh, if rice helps, I do not know. But I would be too cumbersome to cook it extra anyway.

Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD-Mayo Clinic | January 2021