Roasting onion halves: Protect the clean cooking area & iron pan

For various sauce or soup approaches, I always need a halved onion with shell, which is roasted at the interfaces. Then the onion is halved with shell and roasted on the cut surface in a pan without fat properly. That gives really good taste again.

So far, one of my iron pans had to serve it and then I had to burn it again, so that nothing stuck there, during the roast.

The tip is, you take a piece of aluminum foil of about 20 x 20 cm, put it on the correspondingly large hob and then come on the onion halves. So you can roast the onion according to the desired roast flavor without any problem.

The film comes in the yellow bag and is recycled. The hotplate is clean and my iron pans are thus spared.

The Complete CAST IRON COOKING Video -- cook + care for cast iron pans + homestead recipes | December 2021