Rose petals and champagne jelly


Preparation time: 30 min.
Cooking or baking time: 4 min.
Rest period: 24 hours
Total preparation time: 24 hours 34 minutes

Summer = roses. Summer evening = champagne. So why not bring roses and champagne together and make a jelly? For this you need the following:

Ingredients & preparation:

Approximately 25 g of full-blown roses. From these you pluck the leaves, wash them gently and catch the 8.9 million black bugs in it. The 3 beetles who escape escape in a frenzy. Then the leaves in 1 fl. Champagne (or champagne) for 24 hours. Close well and shake again and again! Strain other tags, express leaves (cloth) and a second bottle of champagne. Then boil with sugar or jelly sugar to jelly.

Rose petals as a decoration in the glass are always well received!

Pierrick’s Champagne Jelly With Raspberry Coulis & Sugared Rose Petals | June 2022