Runes tea


Total preparation time: 10 min.

After I've stumbled across "crumb tea with vodka", I'd like to introduce another variant, which I met under the name "rune tea".

The production is simple and the drink is delicious and cheap. The ingredients are all at the Aldi (Nord definitely) and I have been recommended directly.

The easiest way to manufacture in a practical 5 liter canister, which is then equally good for transport use.


  • 1 packet of lemon crumble tea
  • 1 bottle of Robby Overseas Rum (52% I mean)
  • water


Now you fill the tea in a sufficiently large container (for example, the canister), tipping the bottle of rum on top and mix it before schonmal.

Now fill the mixture to 5 liters with water.

Then stir well, shake, etc. and let rest for a while.

The latter is not absolutely necessary!

Consecrating Your Runes | January 2024