Sage and ginger tea

At current temperatures, it is especially important to drink enough fluid. Unsweetened drinks such as water, tea or coffee are best suited for this purpose.

We are currently drinking a lot of sage tea, because the sage in our garden thrives very vigorously. Sage tea is not only very healthy but even acts as an antiperspirant by the essential oils. For example, it can inhibit perspiration, including diseases and conditions such as tuberculosis, Graves' disease, signs of exhaustion and fatigue, difficulty concentrating, hyperhidrosis, obesity or menopausal symptoms.

However, the taste of sage tea is certainly not for everyone, and you should not drink more than 6 weeks always the same type of tea. That's why I had the idea to add some fresh ginger to the sage. This combination resulted in a tasty and very refreshing tea, which of course should be drunk cool. Although ginger should have a warming effect, is the effect of sage in the foreground of the cold sage-ginger tea certainly. Suffice it, if you take on 1 liter of sage tea about 1 cm piece of ginger and this cuts into thin slices.

Sage and Ginger Tea | August 2020