Save expensive feces bags

So you can save yourself very good expensive feces bag:

We have two dogs and remove, as any dog ​​owner should, of course, the legacy of our two. As every dog ​​owner knows, the Kotbeutel are an investment that can really go into the money. Finally, 60 bags cost between 1.50 euros and 2.00 euros.

In the long run and with two dogs ...

So we searched for a solution and found it too. In every grocery store, department store and discounters you get rolls with 120 breakfast bags. These breakfast bags cost about 0.50 euros per roll!

These bags are absolutely sufficient in their size and also stable enough. You can use them just like the Kotbeutel. This can save a few euros over the year! Have fun with the application and saving.

Why Whale Poop Is So Expensive | So Expensive | July 2020