Save on bulky waste

Unfortunately, in most municipalities the free disposal of bulky waste belongs to the paradisiacal times of the past.

Well, some contemporaries exaggerate their personal thriftiness, make it easy and completely free, just put their belongings where something has already been cleared for disposal. I have sometimes observed that in the neighborhood the amount of waste was multiplied by magic at night. Of course I do not turn to this clientele with this tip.

If you can plan some time, ask for bulky refuse in neighboring apartments - and houses. All you need to do is copy the slip of paper on which the expected period of time is to ask for an answer and financial contribution. Especially older neighbors are happy when such an offer comes. When the time is set to coordinate everything a little, everyone just helps everyone touch it. If there are several items in the discarded parts, e.g. to scrape up scrap as scrap metal and seize the opportunity. This also mitigates the contribution share for everyone.

Most of us have done so, the older ones paid and the younger ones had their muscles.

Here the term "one knows oneself, one helps oneself" does not have a negative aspect.

And for the critics among you - our "Weinresteflaschenverwertung - wine tasting" has emerged from the cellar stock of a senior neighbor, who is otherwise very tight in cash. Good neighbor!

Leach Rear Loader Crushing Bulk Waste | May 2020