Save on postage for CD / DVD shipping

With these tips you can save on shipping CDs and DVDs Porto.

Simply place the CD on a sheet of A4 paper, then fold the sheet rectangularly around the CD and then cut off at the top and at the side. Then glue the open pages with Tesafilm.

A CD does not fit in a long sleeve envelope. By folding, the so folded envelope can still be sent as a letter for 55 cents. Otherwise you have to send the CD in a large letter, which costs 90 cents.

If present, wrap the CD in (household) plastic wrap.

A CD with the smallest paper measure weighs exactly 20 grams, with the weight of the stamp.

If several CDs are to be sent, then not as a letter but up to 50g as a consignment for 70 cents.

Only in very rare cases can a CD arrive broken.

How to Package and Ship CDs the Cheapest and Best Way for Ebay and Amazon | March 2023