Save the run in sweater

I accidentally washed a Norwegian from 50% wool and 50% acrylic, with a fleece jacket together at 30 ° and by spinning, the sweater was about 15 cm shorter and too narrow afterwards. He absolutely did not like it anymore.

Since I am very attached to this sweater and so not get a Norwegian so again, I first googled and then made some rescue attempts.

First attempt was, a bath of sweater, in vinegar - no change. Second try, full-time soaking in the brew of white beans - no success.

Then I bought a Pantene Pro V hair cure and dissolved the whole bottle in lukewarm water. I left the sweater overnight and rinsed out carefully the next day, hanging it on a thicker hanger until it did not drip any more. Then carefully roll it into a towel again.

Meanwhile, I organized a box, covered with a bag so it does not color, put a dry towel over it and then I stretched the sweater with pins on the box.

I have really strong in the length AND drawn in the width and stuck so every 4 cm a needle. It is important that you just put the waistband straight, otherwise there are waves, so I put down the needles above the cuff. I also stretched and pinned the armhole.

After about a day (depending on the thickness), the sweater is almost dry, then I have again tightens properly and again brought out a few inches. I always measured with a tape measure.

Result: I can put the sweater back on. Although it is not as big and long as before, but I have 10 cm in length again brought out and am very happy that I do not have to sew a pillow from the good piece!

Cut Your Knitting ... Sweater Rescue | August 2022