Save water when rinsing with the machine

How to save water when rinsing with the machine: With my old dishwasher, the lid of the detergent dispenser is broken off. Since then, I put the tab or give the powder, depending on what I have, directly into the cutlery basket or down into the machine.

So that everything is not already washed away during the pre-wash and because I do not feel like standing next to the machine until the pre-wash cycle is over, I simply set the main wash cycle with the rotary knob.

The dishes will be just as clean as before and the machine will not get dirtier. Apparently, the newer cleaning agents are so effective that you can do without the pre-rinse cycle. This shortens the flushing time and saves energy and water.

N.B. Of course, I remove the coarse food leftovers, before putting the dishes in, with some newsprint. More preparation is not necessary.

Here Is How To Save Water When Washing Your Clothes! | May 2020