Save watering

I am Hartz IV recipient and must save on all edges. So also with the water and with the irrigation water.

I live in a residential complex (two blocks of flats, a boiler house). The warm water comes to me after about 2.5 L, so I collect the cold water and then use it as irrigation water.

But on hot days like today, I take a shower with shampoo for a short time, but then I put the stopper in the shower basin and then take a lukewarm shower. The collected almost clear water I lead by means of hose (about 1.5 m long, I bought in the hardware store only a few cents) then from.

While I dry myself, I put the hose in the shower tray (there must be no bubble in it). Then I stop, the other end is in the water and is weighted with a small stone and put the second end in a receptacle (bucket, bowl, etc.) So the almost clear water runs into the vessel and I can do it on the other Use day on my terrace for pouring.

Do not worry the bucket does not overflow because the water level stays the same. If there are still soap scraps in it, that does nothing to the plants, on the contrary it prevents aphids.

The tip I have from a former neighbor. So save a lot of fun on the water. Incidentally, in the winter I use the collected water for toilet flushing, so the small business.

how to keep plants watered while on vacation by wick watering | June 2022