Scarves do not catch on the Velcro

For an anorak, I bought a great matching scarf, but not thought of the hook tape / Velcro, which was sewn on the passage, which covers the zipper together with press fasteners. Since I usually do not close this transition at the very top, the scarf always stuck there and immediately got pulling threads :-(

I could have simply removed the Velcro here, but then never fully closed the anorak in the morning. To give me that opportunity, I just pressed a separate piece of Velcro side (F) directly on the annoying velcro side piece (K), so that it is inconspicuously covered, no more "mischief" cause, but at any time with a handle can be returned to its original purpose. The new velcro part I have minimally rounded at the corners, so that the cloth can not hook behind.

Here is a note on hook tape / Velcro tape in general:

There are also self-adhesive for years. It is ideal for textiles that you want to wash, but where you can not sew (every puncture of the sewing machine needle causes so a tiny hole ...). With expensive absolutely impermeable materials you should consider this, if you do not want to have water inside the fabric afterwards ... The actual seams on such materials (with a lot of small puncture holes) will always be covered with a special waterproof layer provided, which can be purchased online in the specialized trade.

If you are interested in the website of the distributor for all materials and also ingredients for the sewing of textiles in the outdoor / extreme area, please contact me: The owner offers a newsletter, in which she presents all new materials, but also still takes photos of textiles that she herself has sewn from just those new materials! She also creates the instructions and, if necessary, the sewing pattern herself and releases both. In addition, of course, it sells all the necessary ingredients such as tapes, closures ... So you can buy everything from one source and just start to sew - just geeeeenial! She also responds to personal inquiries and is associated with her "hobby" with more than heart! This gives courage to personal experiments and stimulates creativity!

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