Schedule family hours and spend time together

From my own childhood, I remember that my mom often "in between" for me Time had, but mostly with something else was busy. For example, she listened to me while I was cooking, but did not hear everything because she was naturally busy cooking. Alternatively, when I was older, she took me shopping, but that was not the time we could spend together.

I always have an open ear for my children, but at certain times, even when my husband is at home, I have planned a pure family time (or sometimes time with Mom). In time, the phone should be off, the PC off and nothing to do but to fully engage with the kids.

My kids enjoy it totally and usually have great ideas about what we can do. Play, make things, romp together or build a bunk castle ... whatever. Sure, if the kids have something in between and want to tell, then I try and my husband to always be there and then temporarily set other things, so we can concentrate fully on the children.

I think it's important, because my kids learn to focus on one thing, and not to dance on many weddings at the same time. It also strengthens family cohesion.

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