Scratching board: homemade makes better

So that our cat has more variety at this time, I ordered him a large, additional scratching board and had it attached directly to his cat tree by my husband. He has hardly used it so far, although it has been hanging there for two weeks.

I then, more from a Bastellaune out ordered Sisalmatten and glued on sturdy cardboard. Since the scratching board was to be fastened to a corner, I folded the cardboard in half in advance and so, for the first time, complaining about heavy books, left one day behind. I have left the sisal mat above and below and also on the sides approx. 2 cm above the edge of the cardboard, then handcrafted glue (which of course is non-toxic for our cat) spread on the cardboard and the sisal mat applied, with a seam roller for wallpaper the mat on pressed firmly on the cardboard, bent over the protruding edge and fastened on the back with the stapler, then tapped the staples all flat.

The scratching board was left to dry for 24 hours and then attached to a corner in the hallway with 4 screws.

Our cat only looked at it, then tried it out. I was really happy about that because it showed me that it's not only fun to make something for your own pets, but it's often better for them than articles that you buy and that may look pretty good, but ultimately not be accepted.

In any case, I'll do the next scratching board myself.

DIY Cat Scratching Post | TOUGH + DURABLE | January 2024