Sea salt super inexpensive - price comparison

Recently in the department store - price comparison sea salt with surprising result.

  • Himalayan salt: 111.00 Euro / kg
  • Fleur de Sel: 37.5 Euro / kg
  • Sea salt coarse: 1.90 Euro / kg
  • Tip-iodine sea salt: 0.38 Euro / kg

Correctly read, even the kitchen salt of Tip is sea salt, like any "rock salt" - even if the evaporation of the sea water is already many millions of years ago. Who does not believe it - Wikipedia is happy to provide information.

Incidentally, blind tastings have shown that even experienced gourmets could not tell the difference.

Also, the argument "valuable trace elements" can be considered invalidated - they are only present in such small quantities that they are not significant.

A recommendation, which salt should be bought now, of course, I would not pronounce. Everybody has to know for themselves.

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