Seasoning meatballs or meatloaf

With the following tip, the right seasoning mixture can be used in meatballs or meatloaf.

Unfortunately, it has happened to me often, I season the minced meat for the meatballs or the meatloaf, shape them and fry them. Unfortunately, sometimes salt and pepper was missing and so on, and what is worse than when the saltpans and spices are missing in the meatballs.

Well, I've been accustomed to it for some time, that I knead the mincemeat mass as always and spice, but I always form only a small piece and fry that briefly, because then you taste what is actually still missing in spices everything. So I have not all formed already and can now admit exactly the spices that were not enough.

That's exactly what I do with meatloaf, I take some meat, make only a small mini meatball from it and fry them and so I can also season the meatloaf, maybe mix some garlic, because as I said the taste can only to taste better after searing.

So you can be sure that nothing is missing.

Mini Meatloaf makes the Best Meatloaf Recipe | April 2021