Self-made electric worm fence

Hello garden friends!

Of course, those who have had problems with the little slimy beasts like I do not want to have that again. So googled and collected everything useful. Thus, I came to the conclusion that for me only a self-made worm fence comes into question. Chemistry like slug pellets does not come to my house, and finished snail fences are too expensive.

List of materials:

  • Luster terminals (about every 20-30 cm 2x)
  • Copper wire from 0.8 mm (bell wire)
  • Screws (suitable for the luster terminals)
  • Aufputzdose? Moisture? (about 65 cents)
  • Insulating tape or connecting terminals (or luster terminals)
  • A 9V block battery
  • Connection for 9V block
  • screwdriver

In the accompanying pictures, the components can also be seen in more detail, if not everything seems so understandable.


As can be seen in my picture, fasten the luster terminals in an escape and with about 20-30 cm distance with the screws. (If the wire is a bit thicker, you can increase the distance slightly.) Now you start at the point where the wire should end - here the battery is connected later. Thread the wire through the luster terminal, back up, and through again. Tighten the wire a little and then screw it tight. It should be noted that the wire also goes up the luster terminal. That's what you do to the end.

Luster terminal with copper wire
Luster terminal with copper wire

Important: The different wires must not touch each other as otherwise they may short circuit when connected.

Now the battery will be connected as shown on the drawing and on the photo. Installed in a simple surface-mounted box, the 9V battery is protected from wind and weather.

Sketch - worm fence
Sketch - worm fence

Battery connection in surface-mounted box
Battery connection in surface-mounted box


Tip: You can also feed the fence via an appropriate power supply or another battery. This might be necessary if the fence reaches a certain length.

For questions and suggestions, just write!

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