Semolina porridge in the microwave in 5 minutes

Take a deep plate, fill it 2/3 with milk (about 300ml), sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons commercial semolina into it (experiment with quantity) and give it for 3 min at 600 W in the microwave. Then take out and stir, so that the lumps combine with the milk and again 2-3 min at 600 W in. At the end, mix thoroughly again to make a creamy porridge. If the result is too firm, just add a little more milk.

Now add sugar and butter - depending on your taste.

Finally, add applesauce or sour cherries as a sweet component.

This dish is done so fast and only needs a plate and a can of applesauce! Attention: everyone wants to eat!

Sooji Rawa Upma in a Mug Semolina Porridge Microwave recipe / सूजीका उपमा माइक्रोवेवमें पकानेकी विधि | May 2022