Shoes stretch / widen

I have usually had the problem with dance shoes that they are incredibly tight at the beginning and you have this worn about 2 to 3 times until they are no longer too tight. To avoid the painful wearing, I stretch and stretch the shoes as follows:

With my steam ironing station (who has a steam duck can use this too) I steam the shoes on the inside. But please keep some space between the iron and your shoes so they will not be damaged.

Then shoe stretcher, which I also steamed before, put it in and turn it on. Or stuff the shoes with other things.

I have already tried this method with disinfectant (shoe sprayed from the inside and then stuffed) and it works well.

It is best to leave the shoe stretcher in the shoes overnight and then try out whether the shoe is sufficiently stretched. If not, just repeat it again and possibly leave the Dehner in it for two nights.

You can also steam on oppressive shoes inside and put on thick socks and then wear them at home for a while ...

5 Ways to Stretch Your Shoes at Home | Fashion How To | August 2021