Shower Curtain II, "brown border on the knurled ribbon", without removing

Problem: After some time, shower curtains will turn gray in the lower area where the lead beads are sewn. Had already brought me a new curtain, but then developed the following dirt attack without much effort:

Slightly raise a bucket and place it in the shower tray / bathtub without tilting, for example, on another, turned over bucket or a kick of plastic. Now add a generous shot of Clorix, fill with hot water to about half. Fold the shower curtain together and hang with the lower end to 30 cm immersion depth in the bucket. Let it work overnight - et voil√°- now it's back in tip-top shape. Then spread out and rinse with the shower. Always handle the chlorinate carefully, otherwise there will soon be white spots in the sweater!

HOW TO CLEAN A MOLDY SHOWER (super satisfying clean with me!) | June 2021