Simple strawberry mascarpone cake

You need something that does not take long? And tastes great?

Then I have the idea for you:

The strawberry mascarpone cake:

First of all, you need a dough base, whether bought or homemade. (We always bought)
For the mascarpone you have to take a portion of bought mascarpone and then mix it with sugar (depending on the amount).
Of course, 2 boxes of strawberries are not to be forgotten!

Preparation: Distribute the mascarpone evenly on the bottom of the dough. Then split the strawberries into pieces (halve or quarter) and then start from the edge grow a circle with the strawberries and continue to distribute in the middle until the circle is getting smaller.

So, I hope it sounds like you, or will taste you! It's easy and does not take long, and it tastes himlish!

Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake | July 2020