Smooth laundry without ironing - save time

Ironed, smooth laundry is nice to look at and makes a decent impression. This is important to many people, but not everyone has enough time or desire to iron and may be looking for ways to simplify and facilitate it. Here are some proven ideas on how to save time, energy and power while ironing.

With this tip you can save yourself completely ironing. It's about wrinkles in already hanging curtains. You can simply spray the wrinkles with a water atomizer, with warm, almost hot water. The wrinkles disappear very quickly and all by itself.

If you have a sofa that you can take off and wash yourself, (eg Ikea Sofa Ektorp) you can do the following: After washing and drying the cover, put on the cover again and then use a steam iron to wrinkle the fabric. This is much easier and faster than ironing the fabric and then tearing it up. You should put the iron on full power. Of course you have to be careful with the heat, if it is a more sensitive material.

A collar or lapels can be straightened very quickly and easily with a straightener. To do this, heat the straightener to medium level, take the collar in the pliers and smooth it out. This gives a great result, almost better than the iron, in less than 2 minutes.

If you do not want to iron laundry from the dryer, fold the laundry immediately after taking it out. Due to the remaining heat, the folded laundry lays in an accurate shape and is smooth. This works particularly well with laundry made of cotton blend, or cotton. (Eg T-shirts)

Another way to save the ironing is, if you hang the laundry outside, just let it hang overnight and the next day the laundry is smooth from dew and its own weight (of course only possible if no rain is reported). But you can also dry the washed and still wet laundry at the highest setting in the dryer, it is then really hot, just hang up. Shirts or blouses are best pulled on a hanger and something smooth. Hang other laundry on the drying rack and pull as tight.

Wrinkled Shirt Fast Fix, No Iron Required! | June 2022