So the drain does not clog at all

You always read the tips on how to get a clogged drain free again. Unfortunately, there are few or no tips, such as the drain not at all or slower, clogged.

It is best not to pour or throw anything into the drain or toilet bowl so that constipation occurs. Sure, you will say now, great tip, I realize, but it's really the best way to avoid clogging and that's easier than you think. Bathtub drains, shower drains and sinks as well as kitchen drains can be protected in most cases with a sieve, which is available in the household goods department of department stores, very cheap and easy to flush in with hair and food waste.

The cleaning of pans, pots and plates of greasy food remains is also one of the most important tips to avoid pipe blockage. Many kitchens and bath processes flow together in a falling strand, so that hair and fat together cause a wonderful, not to be penetrated by water, total blockage.

Similarly, the introduction of Intimtextilien such as bandages, tampons, or cotton swabs, etc. in the toilet drain line should be avoided. Here, setting up a trash can with lid ensures low and hygienic remedy.

Although we earn our money with the clogged sewage pipes of our fellow citizens, but from time to time still want to give some important tips, from the clogged drainage to sewer rehabilitation and leak testing.

Will it Clog? So. Much. Bacon. | July 2020