Soup green not in the bunch but individually buy

Ready-bound greens are often relatively expensive in relation to individually purchased vegetables. That's why I always buy carrots, leeks and celery individually. As a rule, this is more than just a soup bundle.

Either I process everything and freeze it one by one (because you can also use it individually - eg the carrots as carrot vegetables, the leeks for stir fry ...) or I make a portion of the celery salad as a spread or celeriac celery and once the white part of the leeks a leek vegetables, so that almost only the green part remains for the soup.

From the "waste" I cook then a reduction of a vegetable broth, which is hot filled into a screw jar, cooled in the refrigerator used for seasoning soups and other dishes.

How to Make Beef Bone Broth at Home | January 2022