Soup spice without flavor enhancer

Who does not know Maggis soup spice !?

Everything tastes only for flavor enhancers, everywhere is the stuff in it!

From other, even no longer "dewy" vegetables or a "surplus" from your own garden can be a healthy "all-round seasoning powder" - similar to a grained vegetable broth - produce without flavor enhancers (also ideal for allergy sufferers).

Simply puree raw vegetables (such as celery, tomatoes, leeks, onions, parsley, carrots, etc.) in the proportions by weight in the order most convenient in a kitchen knife with a cutting knife. With salt (ideal is sea salt), pepper and a pinch of sugar (acts in almost every meal as a "flavor enhancer", as we know, have 4 taste senses ...) and spread on a baking sheet - laid out with baking paper - thinly streak.

The vegetable paste at 75 ° C (from 70 ° C bacteria are killed) in the oven to dry until you can pulverize them.

Then store in clean, dry twist-off jars.

Spice Done Right Flavor Enhancer | July 2020