Souvenir: Fingerprint on deco and christmas balls

Beautiful souvenirs of dear people, on these decoration and Christmas balls they can perpetuate themselves.

Today my mother asked me to help with a craft project. Since I want to have a nice memory of them, I have asked them to press their fingerprints on some decorative and Christmas balls, which are then disguised as snowmen and just look so cute. Of course, we will treasure these bullets and take care of them.

At some point in 100 years you are glad that you have a keepsake, even with children is a nice tinkering. The grandma, grandpa, etc. and at some point you can then remember the good times back.

I'll do it tomorrow with our dog, paint a paw and make a bullet with his paw print. Also cute baby feet etc.

For this I just brushed my mother's index finger with paint and it's just pressed in. With a cotton swab I put some white dots on it as snow and put on a scarf with some fabric for each snowman, my face painted with black pencil.

Have fun!

Angel Christmas ornament keepsake | September 2022