Space-saving storage of cutlery

I love your tips on saving space, so I want to show you what I've done lately to accommodate cutlery to save space.

We got a cutlery box for Christmas. He was tall, misshapen and smelled bad. In my cutlery compartment in the kitchen cabinet, the extra cutlery did not fit.

Then I got the idea with the "tool winding". I have sufficient fabric leftovers, so I sewn 8 bags and divided each into 8 "compartments", then attached a ribbon on one side. This is for attaching and as synopsis.

The rolled up "wraps" come in a basket and take away little space in the kitchen cupboard.

If I get guests, I can quickly remove the desired cutlery and pack dust-free after use again without much effort. It sounds quite expensive for a stainless steel cutlery, but for me it was the simplest solution.

23 Smart and Cheap Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen | June 2020