Spicy mustard eggs: simple, fast and very good

A recipe set some time ago for Soleier has reminded me again of this old dish, for spicy mustard eggs.

You take at least 2 brine per person (it can also be normal hard-boiled eggs!) These are heated (either briefly in the microwave, or in hot water).

Incidentally, you heat in a small pot a little cream with a little milk, to come - depending on the amount you want to have - sharp mustard or even bayer. Weißwurst mustard, that's a matter of taste. Mix the whole thing together, eventl. If necessary, add some broth and a tasty mustard sauce is ready.

Halve the eggs and pour over the sauce on the plate. This either farmhouse bread, rice or potatoes or whatever you want.
Pasta is not so popular. Coarse chopped parsley and ready.

This is a satisfying dinner and done quickly when you're just out of the office or from work! In any case, healthier and more enjoyable than always just cold cuts or the like!

DEVILED EGGS | how to make the best deviled eggs recipe (paleo, keto, whole30) | May 2020