Sports shirt on sultry nights

This summer you sweat again at night in bed and feels in cotton clothes quickly wet and sticky and falls asleep badly.

Quite naked I do not like to sleep in bed, glue duvet cover and sheets on the skin - an intermediate layer is supposed to ensure removal of sweat and the temperature.

That's when I came up with the idea that I also sweat a lot during sports and therefore wear breathable functional shirts, so that nothing gets soaked, but it does not look that way either.

The sweat is transported away much better, brought to evaporate. But it also prevents perspiration, by no Nässestau escapes, which would result in a temperature congestion, which begins the vicious circle from the front.

So into the (not too tight) sports shirt and I have to say: Great climate! Hardly anything sticks there, because nothing itches: comfortable cool it's now sleeping :)

Also, these breathable shirts do not "smell" immediately, so they do not seem to accept the bad smell of sweat as fast as cotton shirts.

They are also washed and dried quickly. I have enough of it in the closet, so off to sports to bed.